About Us

Company Profile


We are Mates Technology Co., Ltd. We are vape ink cartridge manufacturer and supplier in China factory, specializing in white label ink cartridges and custom packaging. In order to meet the strict requirements of the market for product quality, we have launched a series of lead-free products, including pods with full solution of one-time filling and capping, disposable electronic cigarette pens with vibration function, and disposable electronic cigarettes with bottom aperture Pen and charging ports, high-end batteries for cartridges and pods. They are all tested and passed the heavy metal test. Also, for your convenience, we stock and supply a large selection of the most popular cbd/thc vape cartridges and pens, compatible with filling and capping machines, in quantities of 100 at a time.

In addition, we also provide customized packaging such as cartons, bags and plastic tubes, etc. Therefore, all of our CBD vape pods, CBD pod batteries, disposable CBD vape pens, disposable vape pods are available for OEM (private label) services. With factories in China and the U.S. and numerous other partners that work well together, we have access to a wealth of resources to help us grow rapidly in the field as we design and manufacture high-end products faster than any other competitor in California. Ship. Even if your order is shipped from China, it will ship faster. Most importantly, we offer these products at the best price and quality. Of course, we provide the best local service before and after you place your order.

Company Vision

Our company's vision is to be the top vape cartridge manufacturer and supplier in the North American cannabis vape industry.
Today, our cannabis vape hardware is available in more than a dozen US states and has received over 50 five-star reviews from cartridge wholesalers. We look forward to helping you drive your cannabis vaping business.